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In today’s episode, host Elysha Yong welcomes consumer lifestyle and marketing strategy experts to discuss astrology. It has been around since the 3rd millennium BC as a way to explain human behaviour (or so some believe). Today, it’s experiencing a resurgence—driven by social media—that began with Millennials and has now exploded with Gen Z. The experts explain why the sudden interest from a consumer perspective, discussing themes like spirituality, the collective, self-expression, decision paralysis and regaining control. Curious to understand how and why brands are getting involved, who’s doing it well and where the opportunity exists? Listen now to find out what marketers should know before weaving the zodiac into their next brand campaign.

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Elysha Young (host)
Mintel Trends Manager, APAC

Huiqi Ong
Consumer Lifestyle Analyst, Mintel Reports

Diana Kelter
Associate Director, Mintel Trends, North America

Nicole Bond
Associate Director, Marketing Strategy, Mintel Comperemedia